Latest Tata Docomo Free 3G Internet Trick Using Proxy and VPN

Here I am sharing latest working Tata Docomo free internet trick. So i have found some unique ways to get free internet recharge on Tata Docomo. Now in this tata docomo free 3G Internet proxy and VPN,you can run unlimited 3G data at high speed without paying anything. Here i will share only working Docomo trick

Steps To Tata Docomo Free 3G Internet Trick Using Proxy and VPN


Step 1 : First,create a new apn as follows. Goto your phone settings -->> more -->> network settings -->> access point names [apn] -->> new apn

Step 2 : Enter the following details while creating new apn

Apn name: Docomo free internet by TechTrick

Enter APN : [first try with this apn] or TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET [ if first one not works then try with this apn]

Enter Proxy:

Put Port : 8080 or 80

save apn and make it as default

Step 3 : Now signup on droid vpn website for a free account

Step 4 : Then download droid vpn apk and install it on your android device

Step 5 : Now on droid vpn, go to menu -->> settings and configure as follows

>>set connection protocol to UDP

>> Put UDP port as 9751

>> Bind local port: 80

save settings and go to the main menu of droid vpn

Step 6 : Hit connect button. you will be connected soon.

After success connection, you can enjoy free internet browsing and downloading in your tata Docomo sim with android device

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TRICK NO.2 Requirements for using this free Tata Docomo 3g internet [2016]

Step 1 : A Tata Docomo sim card ( if 3g enabled, then you can use 3g internet )

Step 2 : Maintain balance below than 10 paisa

Step 3 : Use APN – tata.docomo.internet

PROXY Address



Port : 80

Home Pages

For Mobile Users

  • Go to settings in mobile phone
  • Then open Network Connection Setting.
  • Now in the option, click on create new setting/ connection.
  • There youll get many input options just do as stated below-
  • Account Name – Tata Docomo free 3g internet trick by techitor
  • Proxy address – Type any of the proxy address given above.
  • Port – 80
  • Now leave all the other fields blank
  • Save settings and Make it default
  • Now open your internet browser ( open any browser )
  • Now open any homepage given above
  • Now enjoy free 3g high speed internet on your Tata Docomo.

TRICK NO.3 Requirements for using this free Tata Docomo 3g internet[2016]

For Mobile User

  • First Go to Mobile settings.
  • Now Go to Network Connection Settings.
  • Now create a new settings/ connection from the options.
  • Now add the following docomo free interent settings
  • Acount Name : Technofizi
  • APN (Access Point) : tata.docomo.internet
  • Proxy :
  • Port : 8080
  • Homepage :
  • Now save this settings and make it default
  • Now run your default browser and enjoy free internet on tata docomo.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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