How to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

This Post serves as a simple guidance for Readers to upgrading their current Microsoft Windows 7 operating system to Microsoft Windows 8.Please refer to this Post ONLY if you are conducting a compatible upgrade as following:-

How to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

Steps To Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

STEP 1 : Preparation

Please run Windows Update first before install the upgrade. (This step will require a connection to the Internet)

1.1 Firstly Press Start button ? then go to All Programs. When the program list shows, find "Windows Update" and click to execute.

1.2 After Click "Check for updates" to download the necessary updates.

1.3 Windows Update is checking updates…

1.4 if required then Install updates for your system.

1.5 Some of the updates will require you to restart the computer. Please follow the instruction and re-start your computer. Repeat step 1 to obtain all essential updates until no new important updates are available.

STEP 2 : Installing Windows 8

2.1 Upgrade option only works by Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade plan. Please confirm your current Microsoft Windows 7 version. If you are not sure, you can click "Start ? Control ? Panel ? System" to see your current Microsoft Windows system. Besides that, you will also need a DVD or USB Flash Drive.

2.2 Insert the Windows 8 Installation Disc* in your DVD or USB Flash Drive. Wait for the AutoPlay windows to pop up. Click "Run setup.exe" to continue.

2.3 You should obtain this installation disc though Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade Program or a direct purchase of the retail box package. GIGABYTE will NOT deliver such disc to consumers.

2.4 Windows 8 Installation will be prepared

2.5 Before the installation, Windows will require you to type in the product Key. You should find your product key in your disc package. (If not, please contact your disc providers.)

2.6 Check the "I accept the license terms" to continue.

2.7 Choose what kind of upgrade you want and click "Next". Please plug your AC adaptor to proceed. Please DO NOT take out the disc from DVD player before the installation is completed.

2.8 Windows will check if your system is ready to upgrade.

2.9 Windows will notice if any Microsoft program is not yet compatible with Windows 8.

2.10 Uninstall the program and follow instruction by Windows 8 setup.

STEP 3 : Complete the Windows 8 Installation

3.1 According the upgrade type you choose at step 2 , windows may (not) direct you to personalize setup.

3.2 Once the Windows 8 desktop shows, your upgrade is complete.

Welcome to Windows 8!

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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