Computer Security Tips To Protect Your System Information

Now Still We have hear lots of cases of computer viruses,malwares,hacking,softwares cracking, etc,now i will give you some some Computer Security tips to secure your PC/laptop against computer viruses,malwares,hacking,softwares cracking that exploits your PC or Laptops.Just follow the below steps:-

Computer Security Tips To Protect Your System Information

Lets start with Computer Security Tips To Protect Your System Information

Use a Firewall

A firewall is a software system that will handle Internet connections of your computer(outgoing and incoming). i will like to recommend Comodo Firewall which is free and straightforward to use.Just Firewall is one of Computer Security tip that i wanna to mention in this post.

Use Antivirus

There are many reasons to use Anti virus Programs,but there are People that don’t have any antivirus or those who have,they have not upgraded thier antivirus since their permit has lapsed. However there are quite powerful free antivirus Available. One must Install Antivirus to Protect and Keep thier Computer Secure.

Updating Software System

New vulnerabilities are found in software system or operative systems like Windows each day. So one must always updates thier software system. Keeping your installed Softwares upto date is Important, as it will Keep hackers away from breaking into your System and its Said that any upto date program Works smooth without any glitch.

Use Complicated Passwords

Users like you and me use too weak passwords that are very simple to detect for hackers, there are so many software which will try all Possible Combinations to Crack your Password, this is known as Bruteforce technique . If your secret word(password) Consists of just 4 or 5 characters, it will easily discover it.

Your Password becomes harder to crack if it consists of 8 or 9 characters which also includes numbers, letters and special characters.To check the strength of your Password, there are plenty tools over internet. This is an important Computer Security tip that everyone must Consider.

Use Totally Different Password

Most common mistake people make is that they use same password everywhere over internet. Yes, its very hard to remember passwords for all accounts but its highly advisible to have different passwords for different accounts.

Always Beware

UsersFinally, Abstain from getting hacked,Always beware while Browsing Internet, don’t transfer and install everything and anything on your PC or Laptop. Always check the sources of software system and websites that you just use to download programs. Don’t be silly and amateur hackers won’t be able to do anything to you (while serious and skilled hackers will not have any interest to hack you)

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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