How To Enable or Disable Tab Freezing in Google Chrome

It’s no doubt that Google Chrome is right now the most prominent browser. Compared to each other web browsers, Google Chrome provides users more features. The great thing is that Google Chrome is out there on almost every major platform like Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

How To Enable or Disable Tab Freezing in Google Chrome

On regular usage, we usually open 8-9 Chrome tabs. Well, opening chrome tabs isn’t a nasty thing, but Chrome consumes more resources compared to the other browser. That’s why the Chrome browser crashes tons. To affect the lags and crashes, Google is functioning on a brand new "Tab freeze" feature for Chrome.

Previous, Chrome features a memory-saving feature on Chrome called "Tab Discarding". The feature is enabled by default, and it automatically kicks in whenever your computer is low on memory.

What is Tab Discarding Feature?

Well, Tab discarding is essentially a memory saving feature of Google Chrome, which automatically "Discards" the contents of un-opened tabs. The function discards the unused tabs to release the memory.

When a tab is discarded, Chrome removes the whole process. You won’t find the tab on Chrome’s built-in task manager either. Upon opening the discarded tab, it’ll reload it, and start from the start.

What is Tab Freeze Feature?

Tab freeze is entirely different from tab discarding. Once you freeze a tab, the content inside the webpage stays in your system’s memory. Meaning the tab won’t reload from the beginning. for instance, if you start playing a YouTube video, clicking "Freeze" for that tab will pause the video playback but not remove the YouTube tab’s content.

On the opposite hand, clicking "Discard" will remove the whole tab’s content, and therefore the video will play from the very start. So, that’s the main difference between the "Tab Discarding" and "Tab Freeze" feature.

How to Enable and Use Tab Freezing?

Well, to enable the Tab freeze feature, you would like to follow a number of the easy steps. First of all, open Google Chrome and on the URL bar, enter "Chrome://flags".

How To Enable or Disable Tab Freezing in Google Chrome

This will open the Chrome’s experiment page. There you would like to look for "Tab Freeze" option. Enabling the tab freeze option will freeze all eligible tabs once they are backgrounded for 5 minutes.

The option isn’t present in every chrome build. So, if you’re unable to search out the Tab freeze option on Chrome Flags, then you would like to type n "Chrome://discards" on the URL Bar. It’ll list all opened tabs with an action link to "Freeze" and "Discard".

How To Enable or Disable Tab Freezing in Google Chrome

The feature works on every OS - Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Thank you for reading this article. Do let me know for any queries in comment section below.

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