You Can Now Enjoy Live TV for free On Plex For 3 Months

With most of the countries under lockdown amidst the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people are resorting to popular streaming video services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Prime Video to binge-watch their favourite TV shows and films.

Now, Plex, the media streaming app, has announced to form its Live TV over-the-air functionality liberal to Plex users for 3 months to stay people self-isolating at home entertained and healthy during this crisis time.

You Can Now Enjoy Live TV for free On Plex For 3 Months

You can now watch free, over-the-air broadcasts in any supported Plex player apps with none Plex Pass until June 30th. Previously, users would wish to be a Plex Pass subscriber to access Plex live TV.

Live TV channels like ABC, CBS, and NBC will now be available through Plex. The free trial will include reruns of classic TV shows, new shows, news channels, also as kids programming.

In order to use Plex’s Live TV feature, you’ll require an HD TV antenna and a compatible tuner connected to your Plex Media Server. Those that don’t have a tuner and HD antenna, can get these from a number of Plex’s hardware partners who are offering these to Plex users at a discounted price for a limited period .

Nevertheless, the free offer doesn’t include DVR functionality. this suggests shows can’t be recorded and saved to observe later. However, if you would like the DVR functionality, you’ll get with a Plex Pass subscription. Also, the program limits guide data to 48 hours into the longer term, compared to 2 weeks for paying Plex customers.

South Africa currently doesn’t have Plex’s Live TV feature functionality. you’ll check the complete list of supported countries here .

Besides Live TV, Plex is additionally informing users how it’s used its technology as a streaming platform for online classes for youngsters. Also, it does have an official unofficial Plex picture book that can be downloaded for fun.

You can read more about Plex’s detailed offerings within the blog post here.

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