Linux Kernel 5.7 To Include The New exFAT File-System Driver Code

The upcoming kernel 5.6 has already received a bulk of changes and is about to release at the top of April. But, before that, the large update news for subsequent Linux kernel 5.7 is already here. Last year, Linux kernel 5.4 was released with support for the Microsoft-developed file-system exFAT.

As Microsoft’s technical specification for exFAT is already available publicly, subsequent Linux Kernel 5.7 is prepared to incorporate new and revised exFAT driver codes pushed by the Samsung engineers.

Linux Kernel 5.7 To Include The New exFAT File-System Driver Code

exFAT may be a widely used file system for flash drive and SD cards that also supports the Linux OS. The present exFAT driver within the Linux kernel is predicated on the year-old snapshot of the file system driver.

Hence, Samsung engineers continue the event to further improve exFAT. Samsung is that the leading contributor in exFAT codebase that aims to increase support to its Android devices and more.

The latest exFAT driver also enables access to Windows disk encrypted data. You’ll use the Linux encryption tool Crypt setup to mount the devices.

Linux Kernel 5.7 Performance / Scalability

  • Big Kernel Lock pre-emption (2.6.10).
  • Voluntary pre-emption patches (2.6.13) (subset in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4).
  • Lightweight user-space priority inheritance (PI) support for futexes, useful for real-time applications (2.6.18).
  • New "mutex" locking primitive (2.6.16).
  • High resolution timers (2.6.16).
  • Modular, on-the-fly switchable I/O schedulers (2.6.10).
  • New Pipe implementation (2.6.11).
  • "Big Kernel Semaphore": turns the large Kernel Lock into a semaphore.
  • X86 "SMP alternatives".
  • kernel-headers package.

New exFAT Driver Shifts To Linux kernel 5.7

The development cycle of Linux kernel 5.6 has reached its fifth release candidate. Among the filing system changes, it includes the ext4 performance fixes and NFSD server-to-server copy support.

New driver code has been pushed forward to place within the next kernel release 5.7 which was expected to be included in earlier versions.

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