How To Remove Background From A GIF or Video?

Removing the background from a picture is kind of a simple task as there’s a lot of software that may be used for a similar. Nowadays, several online free tools also are available for removing image backgrounds. However, just in case of a video or a GIF, removing the background becomes a tricky task.

A recently launched tool dubbed Unscreen deletes the background from a video or a GIF. Users can upload any video or GIF within the tool, and it removes the background accurately.

Want To Remove Background From A GIF or Video

After removing the background, Unscreen allows the user to feature any customized background. If the user is unable to seek out a correct background for his video or GIF, they will choose a GIF or video with none background.

It can’t be said the app works with none glitch or error. Minimal errors are often found within the edited GIF and videos. The app works smoothly when the topic within the image is human.

However, the app fails to perform properly when the GIF or video consists of an animal or the other object.

Original GIF

Want To Remove Background From A GIF or Video

Edited version

Want To Remove Background From A GIF or Video

As evident, the edited version has minute visible errors with background cropping up in some places. The edited GIFs also contain a watermark that would be removed within the premium version of the app. If someone wants to form customized GIFs, they can go through the simplest GIF maker apps list.

If one has got to create knowledgeable video, users also can remove the background manually to background removal with perfection.

As per the official website of the app, a premium version are going to be available soon which can work more efficiently. The premium version of the app is going to be available for free of charge for the people that subscribe early.

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