Debian GNU/Linux To Bring New Social Platforms for Debian Contributors

Very exciting news came from the Debian social team for all Debian GNU/Linux contributors. Within the list,Debian Social has announced the launch of latest services, especially for contributors to collaborate more and share their works using official social platforms.

Debian GNU/Linux To Bring New Social Platforms for Debian Contributors

We guess you want to have heard about Debian’s personal blogging platform "Debian Planet" where you can submit your content. But the upcoming channels aim to offer more freehand and visual presence to all or any contributors via videos, microblogs, and pictures.

Why A Federated Social Platform?

The Debian Social is that the team behind working to implement new services under the domain. The team set their goal to make, integrate and aggregate all Debian-related news, updates or contents in one place. As a result of this, anyone whether they’re project members or not won’t need to choose a random platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

Everyone is liberal to share their current projects, ideas or work with other members on this platform. Moreover, the official team also can post their current updates.

The list of some key services they’ll launch soon:

  • Pleroma - Microblogging platform
  • Peer tube - Video publishing platform
  • Pixelfed - Image publishing platform
  • Jitsi - Web-based video conferencing site

In addition, you can also log in to any platform using the account of a specific platform. For instance, if you’ve got a Pleroma account, you can easily browse or discuss Peer tube using Pleroma profile.

How to start with Debian Social

Currently, these platforms are under heavy development and fixing various issues. Hence, you can’t use any of these services. But you can request an account for a short time now to assist with testing before the discharge of the beta version.

To do an equivalent, first, you would like to make a salsa account which will serve for authentication. Then, create a ticket from and have patience until your accounts get activated for Debian social platform.

Thank you for reading this article. Do let me know for any queries in comment section below.

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