How to Change Date of Birth in Facebook

There are many reasons why a Facebook user may want to change their birth date or hide it on Facebook. The primary one is privacy; you are a lot of likely to be the victim of identity fraud if you create it known the exact date of your birthday. The opposite reason can be if you are a minor (under 18yrs) on Facebook you will not wish anyone to know that you just are for cyber safety reasons.

The third reason is that your immature has lied about their age on Facebook once setting up their account in order that it is really an adult account (over 18yrs) instead of a minor account, and you may want to correct the birth date on their account in order that they’re getting the stricter privacy settings that a minor account provides.

Note :- Changing important personal info like your birth date is allowed for less than a few of times. It’s aforementioned within the rules of using the Facebook network. This is why you wish to be very careful and avoid changing it too often and among a brief amount of your time. If you do, Facebook can prohibit your ability to vary it once more for 60 days.

Step 1 :- Go to Facebook’s website. Go to in your preferred browser. This will load your News Feed if you’re already logged into Facebook.

How to Change Date of Birth in Facebook

Step 2 :- Click your name. Your first name should be in the upper-right side of the Facebook page. Click it to go to your profile.

How to Change Date of Birth in Facebook

Step 3 :- Click the About tab. It’s below and to the right of your profile picture.

How to Change Date of Birth in Facebook

Step 4 :- Click Contact and Basic Info. This tab is on the left side of the About page. Scroll down to your birthday to edit it. It’s below the "BASIC INFO" heading. To edit your birthday:

  • Select either your birthday or your birth year.
  • Click Edit on the right side of the page.
  • Click the month, day, or year that you want to change.
  • Click a new month, day or year.
  • Repeat this process for each part of your birthday that you want to change.

How to Change Date of Birth in Facebook

Step 5 :- Click Save Changes. It’s at the bottom of the window you’re in. Doing so will update your birthday in your profile’s "About" section.

How to Change Date of Birth in Facebook

However, you may additionally not would like to broadcast your birth year to strangers in concern they may use the data for identity theft. If you’d like to not run the danger and instead hide your birth year, modification the audience selector for Birth Year to only me.

This will create it in order that you alone can see your birth year on your profile. You can additionally do the same with Birth Date however this would additionally forbid notifications to your friends once your big day rolls around. Simply set Birth Date to Friends so as to stay those notifications rolling out on time.

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