Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

Clare Hollingworth, OBE was an English journalist and author. She was the first war correspondent to report the outbreak of world war II, delineated as "the scoop of the century". As a newsperson for The Daily Telegraph in 1939, whereas traveling from Poland to Germany, she noticed and reported German forces collected on the Polish border; 3 days later she was the first to report the German invasion of Poland.

It’s reported that a young, brave journalist crossed over the border from Poland to Germany. There, Clare Hollingworth saw one thing that might change her life and history forever.

Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

Paddleboat Theatre Company present the story of fearless journalist Clare Hollingworth. From the busy newspaper offices in London to the frontline throughout world war II, this is often the outstanding true story of 1 of the most important writers of our time.

This globe-trotting and playful family show start up the journey of Clare Hollingworth’s life, a life-story that has been forgotten for years.

Clare Hollingworth Breaks The News of WWII

In Katowice, in southwest Poland close to the German frontier, 27-year-old Clare Hollingworth was jolted awake by the sound of explosions. Then aircraft roaring overhead. Looking a window, she saw German bombers and also the flash of artillery fire coming back from the border, but twenty miles away. Clare Hollingworth became the first correspondent to report on the war within earshot of the border.(With the alteration of Polish territory once the war, Katowice is not any longer near to the German frontier.)

A less probable journalist within the role may hardly be unreal. Clare Hollingworth had never written an article before London’s Daily Telegraph employed her simply seven days earlier to report on war from Poland, if it came. The very fact she had previously worked for a refugee organization in Poland helped her land the task.

Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

As shells and bombs exploded round her, Clare Hollingworth telephoned Robin hankey, a friend of hers at the British Embassy in Warsaw. "Robin, the war has begun!" she shouted. "Are you certain, recent girl?" he responded. She commands the phone out her room window, and Hankey’s doubts vanished. He suggested her to get out of the city.

Three days earlier, Clare Hollingworth had scooped the globe press with a report on the first solid proof that Germany supposed to invade. She borrowed the car of John Anthony Thwaites, the British consul in Katowice, and drove into Germany. A blow of wind upraised up hessian sheets arrange aboard the road, revealing many tanks, armoured cars and heavy weapon. Her story appeared on the Daily Telegraph’s front page on August twenty nine underneath the headline: "1,000 Tanks collected on Polish Border; ten Divisions reportable prepared for Swift Strike." "The German military machine is currently prepared for fast action," she wrote.

Now with action underway, Clare Hollingworth telephoned Hugh Carleton Greene, the Daily Telegraph correspondent in Warsaw, at 5:30 a.m. when she determined a dispatch to him, he phoned the Foreign Ministry. An officer told him: "Absolute nonsense. We are still negotiating." However as they spoke, air-raid sirens began wailing across Warsaw and bombs began to fall.

Clare Hollingworth and Thwaites come into being in his car for Krakow as German planes swooped right down to rake the Katowice streets with bullets and bombs. The next day, determined to induce to the front, she drove off within the car that Thwaites had generously place at her disposal. However, the road was blocked with retiring Polish troops, dead and wounded soldiers, and horses. She turned back.

Clare Hollingworth and Thwaites depart for Lublin on Sunday, September 3, and detected on the radio that Britain and France had declared war on Germany. They were currently enemy aliens, subject to arrest by the Germans. "It was the worst moment of the war for me and that I felt slightly sick," she wrote. On September 6, they drove from Lublin to Warsaw, only to seek out that each one British subject had left.

Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

They headed back to Lublin. "I had been very afraid and now I was exhausted and hungry as I had not eaten all day," Clare Hollingworth wrote. However, she had taken a bottle of champagne from Greene’s flat and that they drank that before incoming in Lublin at a pair of a.m.

Clare Hollingworth determined to come back to Warsaw. "I wasn’t being brave—I definitely failed to feel courageous - ignorant, perhaps, and naive," she wrote in her memoirs. "My overriding feeling was enthusiasm for an honest story, the story on the autumn of Warsaw to the Nazi divisions. Who may resist that?" Her British colleague Cedric Salter wrote that she was "the most foolhardily brave journalist of all the Anglo - Americans in Poland."

Clare Hollingworth travelled alone, over roads jammed with refugees, whereas German fighter planes poured down machine-gun fire. Then she suddenly met a German army detachment. Paralyzed with fright, she weekday looking at the troops before she recovered and "drove madly" across fields, back to Lublin.

Clare Hollingworth crossed into Romania on September 14 and filed a story. When a short come back to Poland, she told Greene that Russia had invaded Poland. "Nonsense," he said. They went back to Poland however, seeing Russian tanks approaching, hastened back to Romania. She shortly resigned from the Telegraph and joined the Daily express.

FCC Clare Hollingworth Fellowship - Applications Open

The Hong Kong Foreign CorrespondentsC Club is acceptive applications for the Clare Hollingworth Fellowship, named when the greatest and path-breaking journalist.

Clare Hollingworth had an interesting career as an overseas correspondent with the scoop of the century as a 27-year-old once she reported on Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939. Clare Hollingworth was also a precious member of the fcc for quite forty years who created significant contributions to the intellectual and calling of the fcc.

Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

The Clare Hollingworth Fellowship can honour early career journalists and current journalism college students in Hong Kong. Journalists and journalism students from all fields of skilled study are eligible. Applications shut on 31 could. The fellowship can endure one calendar year, one September 2019 - 31 August 2020.

Clare Hollingworth, Who Broke News of WW II, Dies

HONG KONG (AP) - As German tanks encircled the Polish city of Katowice, beginner British newspaper reporter Clare Hollingworth picked up the phone and dialled a people Embassy. An officer there didn’t believe what she told him; therefore, she dangled the phone out the window therefore he may hear the ominous rumbling for himself.

"Listen!" she implored. "Can’t you hear it?"

Clare Hollingworth was 27, and simply per week into her job with the Daily Telegraph of London. She had the inside track of a lifetime: warfare II had simply begun.

Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

Clare Hollingworth hung up and known as the Telegraph’s Warsaw correspondent, who determined to London her story regarding the Nazi invasion of southern Poland in late August 1939.

As the Nazis moved in, Clare Hollingworth disorganized to urge out of Poland, typically sleeping in cars, and eventually created her thanks to Romania. Clare Hollingworth, who died at the age of was 105, would persist to write down more chapters in a decades-long career as a remote correspondent.

She had scored another massive exclusive days before the invasion, once she had borrowed a British consulate official’s car to drive into German-occupied territory, that was restricted to any or all however diplomatic vehicles.

Clare Hollingworth saw tanks, armoured cars and artillery massing. Burlap screens beside the road, "constructed to cover the military vehicles, blew within the wind, therefore I saw the battle deployment," she recounted in her biography.

"I guessed that the German Command was making ready to strike to the north of Katowice and its fortified lines and this, in fact, was specifically however they launched their invasion within the south."

Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

Returning to Poland, she filed her story, however her name was not on the by-line - a standard observe for newspapers in those days.

A determined journalist who defied gender barriers and narrowly loose death many times on the duty, Clare Hollingworth spent abundant of her life on the front lines of major conflicts, together with within the middle east, north Africa and Vietnam, for British newspapers. She spent the last 3 decades in Hong Kong when being one in all the few Western journalists stationed in China within the 1970s.

Clare Hollingworth won major British journalism awards together with a "What the Papers Say" lifetime action award and was created an officer of the Order of Brits Empire by Queen Queen of England. Former British Prime Minister ted Heath and former Hong Kong Gov. Chris paten were fans of Clare Hollingworth, whereas various British generals wrote about her fondly.

Clare Hollingworth was born October. 10, 1911, to a middle-class family within the village of Knighton in Leicestershire, England. Her father ran a boot works based by her grandfather. She took brief courses in Croatian at Zagreb University,

International relations in Switzerland and Slavonic studies in London. She worked as a secretary then at a British newspaper’s refugee charity in Poland whereas writing occasional articles regarding the looming war in Europe. Friends influenced her call to focus on journalism instead of politics.

The Daily Telegraph’s editor gave her a job as a stringer and sent her to Poland, part because of her work with refugees in this country, consistent with her grandnephew Patrick Garrett.

During her 5 months with the charity, Clare Hollingworth contend a crucial role in serving to an estimated 3,000 refugees attempting to escape the Nazis flee to Britain by composition visas for them, a touch better-known fact that Garrett unearthed in analysis for his 2016 life story of his auntie, "Of Fortunes and War."

Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

Though she carved out a career in what was then a male-dominated field, Garrett same she looked back on her achievements matter-of-factly.

"She would never regard herself as a feminist," same Garrett. Clare Hollingworth hated once women got special treatment as a result of it created ladies a "hassle," that created it tougher for other feminine journalists making an attempt to hide wars, Garrett same.

"She thought that everybody ought to be treated an equivalent. She hated it once women wasted time on makeup or obtaining their hair done," Garrett same.

After the Polish invasion, Clare Hollingworth coated the Romanian revolution and hostilities in north Africa. Once Allied forces captured Tripoli in 1943, British Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery ordered her back to Cairo as a result of he didn’t wish ladies around. Thus, she instead got herself authorized with U.S. forces in Algeria.

Later she rumoured on the autumn of the Balkan states to communism, and on cold war espionage, as well as the case of Kim Philby, a British journalist and Soviet double agent. Clare Hollingworth wrote for several publications in her career, as well as the economist, the Manchester Guardian and also the Daily specific.

Clare Hollingworth was on the brink of danger for many years. In 1946, she was standing 300 yards (meters) from the King David edifice in Jerusalem once it absolutely was destroyed by a bomb planted by militant Zionists that killed nearly 100 people.

While covering the Algerian war for independence in 1962, Clare Hollingworth defied members of a French far-right group who rounded up foreign journalists and vulnerable a number of them with execution.

"I was very irritated at this treatment and that I told their commander in French, ‘Go away right away, monsieur, or I will ought to hit you over the head with my shoe, that is all I actually have.’"

The commander pushed her aside, grabbed another British journalist and dragged him out the outside door of their hotel.

Clare Hollingworth led the opposite reporters outside in pursuit of their colleague, who was thrown to the bottom. The gunmen free the protection catches on their guns and therefore the reporters dived for cover, however they drove off while not shooting.

Covering the war, Clare Hollingworth flew aboard U.S. military aircraft on provide runs and bombing missions.

Clare Hollingworth became the Telegraph’s 1st resident China correspondent once the paper sent her to Beijing - then called peeking - in 1973, a year when President Richard Nixon’s landmark visit that eventually led to formal ties between Washington and Beijing.

She moved to Hong Kong in 1981. She had supposed to remain quickly as she wrote a book concerning Mao Zedong, however set to remain to observe the negotiations over Britain’s come of Hong Kong to China in 1997 and never left.

Clare Hollingworth wrote articles for the International Herald tribune and Asian Wall Street Journal well into her maturity. She was famous for visiting the Foreign Correspondent’s Club daily, wherever her domestic helpers scan newspapers to her thanks to her failing vision and wherever friends and admirers helped her celebrate her 105th birthday with cake.

Awards And Honours - Clare Hollingworth

In 1962, Clare Hollingworth won woman Journalist of the Year for her news of the war in Algeria (Hannen Swaffer Awards, UK). She won the James Cameron Award for Journalism (1994). In 1999, she received a time period action award from the uk tv programme What the Papers Say. In 1982, she was created an official of the Order of country Empire for services to journalism. On 10 Oct 2017, Google showed a Doodle for Clare Hollingworth’s 106th birthday.

106th Bithday Geburtstag von Clare Hollingworth

Google Doodle offers a glimpse into the mind of 1 of the world’s most inspirational and pioneering journalists, Clare Hollingworth - a woman thus keen for journey, she unbroken her passport inside an arm’s length at all times, simply just in case.

Just one week once joining The Telegraph, Clare Hollingworth showed the planet why she was known as "the elder of war correspondents." Venturing alone across the Germany-Poland border, she was the primary to scoop the beginning of world war II once a windy day blew apart hessian screens, revealing a mass of German troops getting ready to invade.

Clare Hollingworth - An English Journalist And Author

Daring in her approach, Clare Hollingworth typically said she was happiest roaming the world, traveling light, and prepared for danger. This spirit LED her coverage across the world, from operating with soul refugees in Poland, to covering the Greek and Algerian civil wars, to being the primary person to interview Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, the shah of Iran.

Though much of her early work was not formally attributed to her, Clare Hollingworth’s expertise and bold career path LED her to win woman Journalist of the Year, James Cameron Award for Journalism, and a lifetime achievement award from What The Papers Say.

In commemoration of the blast of wind that LED to her 1st scoop in 1939, we’re processing out the candles for what would be Clare Hollingworth’s 106th birthday.

Nancy Campbell - Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt plays American journalist Nancy Campbell in World on fire.

Nancy relies on 29-year-old British journalist Clare Hollingworth.

Clare Hollingworth had been operating for the Telegraph in Poland once she became the first person to report the occurrence of war 2.

She had witnessed the presence of German tanks and troops on the Polish border and 3 days later, she was the primary journalist to report on the German invasion of Poland.

Clare Hollingworth remained in Poland till the country fell to the Germans.

In War on fire episode one, Nancy spots German troops getting ready to invade Poland as she drives back to Germany, crossing the German-Polish border.

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