How To Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Ever since Facebook purchased Instagram, the two are closely coupled. Whereas you could open an Instagram profile while not a Facebook account, it had been powerfully recommended you connect the two. Fortunately, if you not need this setup, there are ways in which to Unlink Facebook From Instagram.

Linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts has a heap of benefits. You can simply post your Instagram photos to your Facebook profile. It also makes it easier for your Facebook friends to seek out your Instagram profile, and for you to find out that of your Facebook friends are on Instagram.

At one point in time, you wanted to share each image you posted to Instagram on Facebook, too. Now, you have second thoughts this tie - perhaps Instagram posts should simply go on Instagram. You’ll Unlink Facebook From Instagram, and it only takes one or two of seconds.

Reasons To Unlink Facebook From Instagram

To maintain your privacy from unknown Facebook users. There are some options in Instagram which help you to have Private Instagram Accounts. But they work only for an Instagram user and the followers, Not for everyone.

  • Keeping your Facebook friends stay away from your Instagram activities.
  • Private photos of yours may get shared on Facebook too.
  • On your mobile device or tablet, open the Instagram app.

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

To Unlink the connection between Instagram and Facebook, you need to Unlink your Facebook account within the Instagram app. This eliminates the active connection between the two, thus you will now not be ready to post your Instagram photos to Facebook automatically. You will also take away the contacts connection and can now not be ready to find your Facebook friends on Instagram automatically.

Step 1 :- Open your profile page, then tap the three stacked horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to reveal a menu of options.

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Step 2 :- At the bottom of the option menu, tap "Settings."

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Step 3 :- On the "Settings" page, look for the "Account" option and tap it.

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Step 4 :- Under "Account," locate the "Linked accounts" option. On this page, you will see Facebook highlighted with the name featured on your Facebook account.

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Step 5 :- To unlink, tap the Facebook option and tap "Unlink account."

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Step 6 :- A warning will pop up asking you to confirm your choice to unlink your accounts, and let you know that doing so will make it harder to regain access to Instagram should you get locked out.

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Step 7 :- Click "Yes, unlink" to complete the process.

How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

For Business Accounts: How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

If you are having a Business account on Instagram and you want to unlink Facebook account from the Business account then open Instagram application on your Android device.

  • Now open your profile and click on the Three Dots at the top right corner.
  • Now it will show you options & settings. Swipe down and click on the Switch Back to Personal Account.
  • Confirm it and proceed further.
  • Now move to Settings section and click on the Linked Accounts.
  • There select Facebook.
  • Now click on the Unlink.
  • Your Facebook Account will be Unlinked from the Instagram.

If you have with success done that you simply have solved your problem on a way to Unlink Instagram From Facebook completely, however you will now not be able to automatically post to Facebook from Instagram. And somehow, it’s a good idea to unlink the two account for security reasons.

And If somebody ever hacked your Instagram, for example, it will only have an effect on the Instagram account rather than being shared across each social media feeds.

Alright, after all said and done, at now, I’ll say we have come back to the end of this post on a way to Unlink Instagram From Facebook completely, and that we believe you have gotten a hang of it.

Thank you for reading this article. Do let me know for any queries in comment section below.

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