Gerardo Rodríguez Faced Gignac Twice, Who Did Not Respond

MONTERREY - The Mexican defender, Gerardo Rodríguez, faced the Frenchman André-Pierre Gignac within the Tigres vs. match. Puebla, that concluded with a minimal victory for the team led by Juan Reynoso.

Gerardo Rodriguez Tigres vs Puebla Carlos Gerardo Rodriguez Ferretti

In the initial moments of the commitment between felines and camoteros, Gignac tried to get rid of the mark of Rodriguez with a cut, however, the experienced defender managed to tap the ball and sent the ball to a corner kick.

After this action, Rodriguez made words with André, however the Frenchman remained serious and therefore the Mexican faced him once more once they were each inside the poblana area waiting for the corner kick. However, Gignac preferred to not reply to Gerardo, therefore the situation did’t go further.

Meanwhile, Tigres accumulates six games while not winning within the Liga BBVA mx and is presently out of Liguilla . The staff of ricardo Ferretti marches within the ninth position with 14 points and on Saturday will play the Classic Regio against Rayados .

Gerardo Rodriguez Tigres vs Puebla Carlos Gerardo Rodriguez Ferretti

For its part, puebla won a valuable victory, however remains at the bottom of the general Table. The Reynoso team is found within the seventeenth place with 9 units and its next rival will be the Lion.

Puebla makes fun of Gignac and makes it clear that he dreamed of Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez

SAN NICOLÁS de LOS GARZA, Nuevo León. - within the victory of Puebla 0-1 against Tigres yesterday at the University construction on the eleventh day of this Apertura 2019, one of the most outstanding men within the poblano box was Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez, who scored closely to André pierre Gignac.

"The Strip" announced that they’ll do a live interview with Carlos and to introduce him they cataloged him as al; "Enraged with the one André pierre Gignac dreamed last night."

Gerardo Rodriguez Tigres vs Puebla Carlos Gerardo Rodriguez Ferretti

Since Puebla’s success over the "auriazules", they need been very active in their social networks with some teasing for the "felines".

This was the hitch between Gerardo Rodríguez and Gignac

The duel between Tigres and Pachuca started hot when an action starring Gerardo Rodríguez and André-Pierre Gignac. within the initial minutes, the French striker tried to dribble the defender however he sent the ball to the corner.

After Gignac’s failing attempt, Rodriguez dedicated some words to the frenchman, who simply stared at him. The defender faced the feline batter once more before charging the corner kick, however he didn’t flinch once more. The altercation did not happen to elders.

Gerardo Rodriguez Tigres vs Puebla Carlos Gerardo Rodriguez Ferretti

The news of the meeting is that ricardo Ferretti’s team, when falling 0-1 to the "Strip"", registers six games while not knowing the victory. Presently accumulates fourteen points and is within the 9 position of the table.

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