How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Android has been one of the most powerful operational systems within the current breed of smart phones. Google Play Store is an integral a part of android system. Once you would like to put in an application on your android smart phone you navigate to Google Play Store; search your application; hit on Install and boom!

The application is on your device. Currently to get access to Google Play Store you would prefer to check in to it through your Google Account. But lately, I noticed that I can’t see a way to sign out from Google Play Store. Google Play Store itself doesn’t provides a sign-out or sign off choice.

The Google Play Store

Google Play Store that comes pre-installed with any and every smart phone, is that the most trustworthy and reliable source from where you can download malware free applications. Google Play Store to boot is a media library from where you can download magazines, music, videos, movies etc.

You would possibly even be wondering why did it even become necessary to own an article titled: "How To Sign Out Of Play Store". There is just one disadvantage that we face whereas using Google Play Store, that is once you check in, there is no choice to sign out.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Google has simply not included this selection. Sounds bizarre? but it’s true! usually it would be necessary for you to sign out of Play Store because of various reasons such as :-

  • You might be giving up your device.
  • You might want to change your account and its preferences and all other software associated with your Google account.
  • Simply you don’t want to be logged in from a particular account for many people have multiple Google Accounts and you might as well have them.
  • Well, there is no way you can sign out of your Google Play Store from the app itself. You will need to sign out of your Google account entirely from your phone.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Step 1 :- Open Settings.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Step 2 :- Click on the advanced settings.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Step 3 :- Click on the Accounts , this lists all the accounts you are signed into on your Android phone.

On some versions of Android, this may be under "Cloud & Accounts" or "Accounts & Sync", or something similar.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Step 4 :- Next , click on the Google , its displays a list of all the Google accounts you are signed in to on your Android smart phone.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Step 5 :- Tap the account you want to log out of. This displays all the options for that account.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Step 6 :- Click on Three Dots below center.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Step 7 :- Click on the Remove account.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

Step 8 :- This confirms that you want to remove the Google account and signs you out of all apps that use that Google account.

How To Sign Out Of Play Store

If you need to sign back into your Google Play account, read "Add a Google Account on Android" to learn how to add a Google account.

That does it. you may be logged out of your Google account on your phone. Kindly note that you simply will not be able to access any of the Google services along with your Google account removed. If you would like to use any of the Google services, you may need to sign into your Google account once again.

In Conclusion

Google does not allow you to sign out of your Google Play Store alone. That is just because the Google Account syncs your knowledge across all apps which would ensure tool functioning of your android device. Instead, you can take away the Google account related to your smart phone that successively can sign you out of your Google Play Store also.

Thank you for reading this article. Do let me know for any queries in comment section below.

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