How To Change Signature In Outlook

Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019 permits you to personalize your email communications with an Outlook signature. If you use a business, it’s clear that you’ll need to form a corporate email signature that gives essential contact information and becomes a channel for external recipients to interact with your users.

Change Signature In Outlook 2019 is easy. The only inconvenience you may encounter is that the Outlook’s signature editor has rather basic set of formatting tools. To set up email signature in Outlook 2019, simply follow these steps:

Step 1 :- Open Microsoft Outlook 2019 from the Start menu or from the taskbar.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 2 :- In Outlook 2019, click File > Options > Mail.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 3 :- Then, in the Outlook Options window under Mail tab, click Signatures. In the Compose messages section.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Note :- You can also access Signatures by opening a New Email message, then clicking Signature in the Include group and again Signatures.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 4 :- In the Signatures and Stationery window, click New to create your Outlook signature. Type a name for your signature.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 5 :- In the Edit signature section, create your signature block. Use available formatting tools.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Note :- Outlook editor offers rather basic format tools. If you are not glad with the results they provide, you can use free email signature generator to get a ready-to-use signature template. When adjusting the template to your wants, simply copy/paste it to Outlook editor.

Step 6 :- In the opt for default signature section, specify that email account should get the signature (applies if you use quite one email account), and whether or not add it to new messages and/or replies/forwards. If all settings are ready, save changes by clicking OK.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 7 :- To check if the signature works correctly, open a new email message. The signature should already be there.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Note :- If you didn’t choose your signature as a default one, then you wish to feature it manually whenever you write a brand-new message. You can add your signature from the Signature button within the Message ribbon.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

That’s it. If you would like to create another signature for different recipients, simply follow this guide once more. You will produce as several Outlook 2019 signatures as you need, that then you can choose from the Signature button within the new message window.

Insert A Signature Manually

If you do not choose to insert a signature for all new messages or replies and forwards, you can still insert a signature manually.

  • In your email message, on the Message tab, select Signature.
  • Choose your signature from the fly-out menu that appears. If you have more than one signature, you can select any of the signatures you have created.

How To Change Signature In Microsoft Outlook

Step 1 :- On the Website (

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 2 :- Click Settings ,this gear-shaped icon is in the upper - right side of your Outlook inbox. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 3 :- Click on the view all outlook settings.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 4 :- Now Click on the compose and reply under mail tab (This option is in the Layout section of the options on the left-hand side of the page).

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 5 :- Click Save. It is in the top-left corner of the Email Signature section. This will save your edited signature.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Add A Logo Or Image To Your Signature

If you have a company logo or an image to add to your signature, use the following steps.

Step 1 :- Open a new message and then select Signature > Signatures.

Step 2 :- In the Select signature to edit box, choose the signature you want to add a logo or image to.

Step 3 :- Select the Image icon, locate your image file, and select Insert.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

Step 4 :- To resize your image, right-click the image, then choose Picture. Select the Size tab and use the options to resize your image. To keep the image proportions, make sure to keep the Lock aspect ratio checkbox checked.

Step 5 :- When you are done, select OK, then select OK again to save the changes to your signature.

Backup Your Outlook Signature

wherever does signatures get saved in Windows, in order that they can back up their Outlook email signatures once required. Once change computers, the already defined personalised signatures is copied over the network/hard drive or OneDrive then incorporated into Outlook.

In Windows 7/8 and 10, the Outlook signatures are located at the: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures folder. Once making a signature many files are created therein folder, every similar to the various Outlook message formats: htm, rtf and txt. In addition, a folder containing additional files related to the signature is created.

So, if you are change computers and wish your signatures to be obtainable to be used in Outlook, simply check that that your backup and copy the relevant files mentioned above into constant folder in your new computer; you’ll be all set.

Adding Html Signatures

Using the HTML format is supported in both Outlook for Windows and MAC.

How To Change Signature In Outlook

In Windows just make sure that your email body format is set to HTML (Text Format tab and then hit the HTML option).

Outlook 2019 Signature Manager

Companies, no matter if big or small, need to have email signatures in their business email communications. But, managing Outlook signatures - so they always keep up-to-date, unified and correctly branded - is fairy difficult while not a dedicated signature management tool. Such a tool works centrally and helps the admin (or different person) control user signatures globally. after you need an answer for managing Outlook 2019 signatures, you have got 2 choices to decide on from - client-side or server - side software.

A client-side solution for Outlook 2019 needs installation of agents on every workstation. Such agents are responsible for inserting and change user signatures once necessary. However, this answer is not good because it doesn’t prevent users from modifying signatures in Outlook before hit the Send button. If a company wants to make certain that signatures leave their organization intact, then a server-side solution is a possibility, like Exchange-based CodeTwo Exchange Rules or cloud-based CodeTwo Email Signature for office 365.

Thank you for reading this article. Do let me know for any queries in comment section below.

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