How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Though, there are some tricks to message someone without adding contact, first you have to add a person’s number to your contacts, to message them in WhatsApp properly. Add someone on WhatsApp is like adding a number on your phone. In fact, you and your phone are integrated and synchronize the instant you open the WhatsApp app.There is no necessary for a contact for the recipient’s side to receive messages. Adding contact makes a lot of difference in the security perspective.

Launch WhatsApp :- Tap on the WhatsApp icon in the menu to do it.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Open a conversation :- Tap over the new message symbol, in the lower right corner of the WhatsApp main window.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Add Contact :- Now, tap the add contact option which looks like a person with plus sign.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Create a new one :- By adding a new contact just click on the create a new contact.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Enter Name :- Type the name of the contact in the fields and select ok.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Message the contact :- Now you can send any message to that contact.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Alternative Way To Add Someone on WhatsApp

As we have mentioned earlier, the moment you open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone, it will integrate immediately with your smartphones contact app. Here is how it works.

Step 1 :- Assuming you have installed the WhatsApp, open it.

Step 2 :- Now leave it running in the background.

Step 3 :- Go to your Contacts App.

Step 4 :- Add a contact number as you used to when you are trying to add a new number to your phonebook by tapping the New Contact or accessing the dial pad.

Step 5 :- Save the number you typed in and go back to the WhatsApp messenger.

Step 6 :- Now on the app, tap on the mail icon that indicates for a new message.

Step 7 :- After you tap the New Message, you should see a list of contacts (if there are any). Scroll up and down to find the new contact that you want to message.

How to Add Someone to WhatsApp Group

Step 1 :- Run WhatsApp on your device and open the created group.

Step 2 :- Tap on three dot menus of WhatsApp.

Step 3 :- Tap on Group Info from the menu.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Step 4 :- Then click on "Add Participant" button on the Group Info Page.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp

Step 5 :- Select the participant from the contact list of your phone now.

How can I add someone on WhatsApp if I am not an admin

Just add his or her contact numbers into your own phone.

You can Now communicate with them using your own WhatsApp account.

If you want to add that person into a Group Chat then you have to request the Group Admin to make that entry.

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