Two Ways To Search Gmail By Date

When you are looking for a selected email, any type of search parameter that can assist you find a message is helpful. Digital Inspiration shows off a way to extremely focus your search with an undocumented Gmail search trick that enables you to search for emails from a selected time.

You can specify a selected date range once searching Gmail. However, this feature is not available within the search choices, that only allow you to specify a set time-frame around an entered date. You can use this feature to estimate a date range, however to exactly limit your search among a date range, you have got to manually tell Gmail to try and do therefore within the basic search field.

Step 1 :-

Log-in to Gmail.

Two Ways To Search Gmail By Date

Step 2 :-

Append the search with "after:YYYY/MM/DD" and substitute the data format for the first date within the range. In the example, if you were limiting your search from August 09, 2019, your search field would currently seem like "Linkedin after:2019/8/09". Do not press "Enter" nevertheless.

Step 3 :-

Add "Linkedin before:YYYY/MM/DD" and substitute the data format with the last date in your date range. Within the example, if the last date within the range was August 10, 2019, then your search field would contain "Linkedin after:2019/8/09 before:2019/8/10 ".

Two Ways To Search Gmail By Date

Step 4 :-

Press "Enter" to check your results between those 2 dates. Within the example, you would solely see emails containing the keyword "Linkedin" that were sent or received between August 09, 2010 and August 10, 2019.

Alternative Way To Search Gmail By Date

In the right-hand side of the Gmail search bar there is a drop-down arrow-click it.

Two Ways To Search Gmail By Date

The drop-down includes a date range option, and you should be all set from there .

Two Ways To Search Gmail By Date

Thank you for reading this article. Do let me know for any queries in comment section below.

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