Super Best Friends Reddit

Super Best Friends Play, also called the best Friends Zaibatsuwas a group of best friends and their body of work, together with playthroughs, reviews, montages, a podcast and merchandise.

The group name "Zaibatsu" started once Matt and Pat uploaded some of videos on their channel. After the Silent Hill :- Shattered memories episode, they were contacted by Machinima, that currently hosts a series of their videos thereon channel, that is usually a compilation of funny moments. On TheSw1tcher, Matts channel, the simplest Friends do full playthroughs, their 1st being Resident Evil 2.

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

Over time, more Best Friends were introduced, the first being Woolie, who at the start guest-starred within the Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of 2 Worlds episode, and is currently a regular day in nearly every show, even hosting the Super Best Friend cast.

Liam, the fourth supporter, created his debut within the Metroid Fusion playthrough, and was an everyday contributor in solo and group videos till his departure from the Zaibatsu in early 2017. The most effective Friends media empire has greatly expanded since their humble beginnings, and they have released a range of content.

Member of Two Super Best Friends Reddit

Matt (President and King) :-

Matthew Kowalewski is Youtube personality that was a member of the Best Friends Zaibatsu along with Pat, Woolie and Lia. He is the owner of the Zaibatsu YouTube channel, TheSw1tcher.

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

Pat (Vice President) :-

Patrick Boivin is a Twitch video game streamer a former member of the Best Friends Zaibatsu, along with Matt, Woolie, and Liam.

He is currently one half of the Castle Super Beast podcast (formerly The Super Best Friend cast).

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

His Twitter account is @@AngriestPat, his Tumblr account is angrierpat, his YouTube channel/stream archive is Pat Stares At and his Twitch account is AngriestPat.

Woolie (Lord Regent) :-

Woolie Madden is Youtube personality,Twitch streamer, and fighting game aficionado that was member of the Best Friends Zaibatsu along with Matt, Pat, and Liam He debuted in Marvel vs Capcom 3:Fate of Two Worlds and currently hosts the Castle Super Beast podcast (formerly The Super Best Friendcast) with Pat.

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

His Twitter account is @@WoolieWoolz and his Tumblr account is excelsioryuken. Woolie also has his own YouTube channel, WoolieVersus and accompanying Twitch account.

Liam (Princess) :-

Liam Allen-Miller is a former member of the Best Friends Zaibatsu along with Matt, Pat and Woolie and eternal Employee of the Month. He was the fourth official member, debuting during the old school playthrough of Metroid Fusion, which he single-handedly saved by trolling the SA-X with masterful skill.

On December 23, 2016, Liam announced that he was leaving the Super Best Friends due to health concerns with his anxiety.

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

After leaving the Best Friends, Liam started a new Twitter account, Twitch account and YouTube channel called RISING SUPERSTREAM.

His former Twitter account is @@2BFLiam, his unused Tumblr account is vanillanachos, and his old Twitch account is 2BFLiam.

Zach (Mascot) :-

Zach is Matts pet cat and mascot of the Best Friends Zaibatsu.

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

Shows of Two Super Best Friends Reddit

  • Two Best Friends Play
  • Super Best Friends Play
  • Super Best Friends Brawl
  • Super Best Friends Watch
  • Super Best Friend cast
  • Friend cast Mailbag
  • Fighterpedia
  • Scrublords
  • Friday Night Fisticuffs
  • Saturday Morning Scrublords
  • Matt & Woolies Old School Playthroughs
  • Best Friends Beat Em Ups
  • Two Best Friends Fun Time Adventures
  • Shitstorm of Scariness
  • Shitstorm 2: The Shittening
  • Shitstorm 3: Shittribution
  • Rustlemania
  • The Amazing Superfriends!

Reddit (Two Best Friends Play)

A place where fans of the playthroughs that Matt, Pat and Woolie provide come to talk about the hilarity that ensues. And for people who just want to keep up on the Best Friends videos.

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

Youtube (Super Best Friends Play)

The Best Friends are totally badasses and nobody fucks with us. We are! Matt! The originator who loves cats, Godzilla and cereal !!.

Pat! The ginger man baby who tagged along for the ride and who plays boring RPGs for too long over.

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

Woolie! The FGC diehard who fought Daigo, and lived! Running his sister channel, WoolieVersus! Over.

Twitter (Super Best Friends)

I am Super Best Friends Plays official twitter! I am basically a robot that reposts facebook and channel updates.

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

Facebook (Super Best Friends Play)

We are a bunch of goddamn bad-asses and nobody fucks with us.

What started out as silly idea where a run-of-the-mill gamer...we will call him, "Matt" decided he wanted to play Kirby is Epic Yarn with a buddy, we will call him, "Pat" and record themselves taking it waaaay too seriously, has since exploded into a multimedia empire!

Two Super Best Friends Reddit

This of course, is a half-truth, as the pervasive online entity Machinima, simply saw said video, and just wanted them to make more of the same. yeah.

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