Fabs AutoBackup - A Free Security program for Windows

Fabs AutoBackup is an easy to use backup and restore software system solution that lends you a hand once trying to save essential data like Windows settings and documents. Most backup tools assault the users with a complex feature list, however Fabs AutoBackup tries to stay easy and user friendly.

Browsing through the same tabs also allows you to discover all options of the app, that include backing up desktop and fast launch toolbar shortcuts. Additionally, Fabs AutoBackup offers you the power to back up My photos, My Documents, My Music and My Videos folders, whereas also being capable to work with web explorer favorites, Google Chrome, Opera, safari and Firefox profiles.

Fab AutoBackup A Free Security program for Windows

Like the free version of the program, the software can be used to create backups of key system folders like My Documents and My photos, also a backing up settings that have been put in place for Windows and a number of third party programs. This paid for edition of the software also permits for user defined files and folders to be included in a backup set creating it much more customizable and versatile.

Using the program is a simple matter of ticking boxes to point exactly what should be backed up, therefore there is very little scope for error. Backing up knowledge is rarely an enjoyable process, but Fabs AutoBackup makes it as painless as possible and is available at and incredibly low price.

Fabs AutoBackup 7 Pro and Fabs AutoBackup 7 Home & Office V7.0.11.759 have just been released.

Here is the change log for both versions :-


- German language translation file.


- pro only: once selecting Windows. Old as source, shown user profiles were not those from the old Windows installation. Because of this, it was not possible to backup or transfer data from them once a failed Windows Upgrade.

- Before running a job, job summary showed that target media had zero computer memory unit free.

- Completed Spanish and Russian language translation files.

- Warnings and dialog about folders redirected to a network share in backup/transfer mode: permissions on network shares may be altered. Users currently have the selection between copying files anyway or skip network redirected folder.

Fab AutoBackup A Free Security program for Windows

There are 2 versions available :-

  • Fabs AutoBackup seven Pro :- Starting from EUR 50. a must have for computer repair shops. It can backup, restore or direct transfer (from the previous slaved or USB mounted hard drive to the new computer) files and settings from many users profiles quickly. This version can run from rescue environments like Win10PE SE like it can run under Microsoft Windows systems (from Windows XP to the newest Windows 10).
  • Fabs AutoBackup 7 Home :- EUR 10. Designed for people, this version is perfect for easy backup tasks at home and office.

Specification: Fabs AutoBackup 7.0.10:


Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit),

Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, windows 10




Trial Software


Fabrice Parisot

Date Added:

Apr 03, 2019

Fab AutoBackup A Free Security program for Windows

Limitations in the unregistered version :-

  • In the unregistered version some options are grayed out.
  • Some functions cannot be used on more than 10 files at a time

Fabs AutoBackup Features :-

  • Backup Modem parameters (rasphone.pbk file), except connection logins and passwords.
  • Backup System fonts (useful if you installed fonts unbundled with Windows or your software’s).
  • Backup Microsoft Office Outlook PST files (messages, address book and calendar are stored in).
  • Backup Microsoft Office activation files (XP/2003).
  • Backup Opera cache and bookmarks.
  • Backup Mozilla Firefox cache and bookmarks.
  • Backup Users Windows desktops content (Files, Shortcuts, Wallpaper when it is possible).
  • Backup Internet Explorer favorites and start page (only with Windows version).
  • Backup Internet Explorer cookies (they can only be restored under a Win PE environment).
  • Backup Mozilla Thunderbird messages and settings.
  • Backup Network interface cards TCP/IP parameters (only tested under Windows XP).
  • Backup Outlook Express messages and settings (mail accounts, rules...).
  • Backup Windows Address book (used by Outlook Express).
  • Backup Lotus Notes users parameters, databases and IDs (for multi-users clients).

Compares :-

Fab AutoBackup A Free Security program for Windows

Grab it from your orders historys details on the shops website at

https://store.fpnet.fr/account.php?language=en or using the bundled updater tool (click the "Download Fabs AutoBackup 7.X" link within the program and get the updated files).

Here is a Fabs AutoBackup 7 Pro trial version. This is just a preview, several items are limited to 10 files backed-up. The items that could not be limited have been disabled to not cause applications malfunctions. Restoration feature is fully functional

Fabs AutoBackup forums :-

Fab AutoBackup A Free Security program for Windows

Here are the enabled backup functions (other functions only display the items paths but checkboxes are greyed out) :

  • My music (10 files max)
  • My videos (10 files max)
  • Skype (no limitation)
  • Downloads folder (10 files max)
  • Modem settings file "rasphone.pbk" (no limitation)
  • User defined additional files (no limitation)
  • Windows Vista / 7 Gadgets (no limitation)
  • Common desktop (10 files max)
  • My music (10 files max)
  • My videos (10 files max)
  • Internet Explorers favourites (10 files max) and its main start page
  • Shared documents folder (10 files max)
  • Microsoft Outlook signatures files (no limitation)
  • Microsoft Outlook typed addresses history files (no limitation)
  • Fonts (10 files max)
  • Windows Vistas calendar (no limitation)
  • Windows Live Messenger (no limitation)
  • Userss Windows desktop (10 files max) and its wallpaper
  • Quick launch toolbar (10 files max)
  • My documents (10 files max)
  • My pictures (10 files max)
  • User defined additional folders (no limitation)

Thank you for reading this article. Do let me know for any queries in comment section below.

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