Why Are Hackers Antisocial ?

People who are anti-social have been through a lot while growing up, during their up bringing they faces a lot of abuses and bullying from family or friends.

Being a hacker is a talent, its something in the they are born with. But family/friends don’t understand that. They think their kids are not smart because they spend of the time on a desktop or chat rooms.

Because of a lot of criticism, hackers will separate themselves from society and live in close doors, and express themselves through chat rooms their fellow hackers.

Most of the hackers are depressed of being alone all the time and no one to talk to, hackers are very hard to read because of how the learn to control their feelings. 70% of hackers are singles because they don’t know how to expressed their feelings toward someone the love.

Hackers are always quiet because whenever the say something, people will only make fun of them, hackers don’t interact with people a lot because most of the time they are only talking about computers.

Hackers are genius who love solving problems, hackers are people who are always thinking on how to solve a new problem, hackers are critical thinkers. People who love observing and imagining.

Hackers express themselves through new inventions, hackers express themselves through challenges. Hackers are people who see a problem in some many different ways. Hackers are people who explore thousands of options before settling for one.

Note :- Hackers are the doctors of technology; they always find a cure to a problem.

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