Your Facebook Just Got A New Design !!

Over the past years, Facebook’s reputation has taken a toll and that i don’t assume i want to list down the endless series of scandals. At its annual F8 Developer Conference, the company’s ceo Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of steps that Facebook is going to want provide its services a much-needed push.

Before I jump into the changes coming back to the look, I wouldd prefer to mention that the company is additionally working on creating the Facebook experience lighter.I would like to often use Facebook for work purposes and also the overall experience is beyond terrible. Moreover, to cut down the load of the web site and smartphone apps, the engineers are working on re-writing the code for a faster experience.

Your Facebook Just Got A New Design

This design makes it easy for folks to go from public spaces to a lot of private ones, like groups. There are tens of countless active groups on Facebook. when folks find the correct one, it often becomes the most significant a part of however they use Facebook. Today, over four hundred million folks on Facebook belong to a group that they realize meaningful. That’s why we’re introducing new tools which will create it easier for you to get and interact with groups of people who share your interests.

Yes, this can be the fifth version of the social network giant Facebook that is known as FB5 that brings a cleaner look, more speed, dark mode, and a new brand as well. Because the announcement was created during the F8 developer conference recently.

The FB5 redesign will also add Dark Mode to the desktop website to ease your retinas when using your laptop at midnight. For the smartphone, this change are going to be initial rolled out to watch only. It looks like Facebook’s strategy to lure folks into visiting the Watch section that no-one cares about.

Your Facebook Just Got A New Design

Basically, the site mimics the look of the apps, with icons at the top for notifications, Facebook Watch, Marketplace and more. Notifications seem in a slash on the side rather than a floating window.

Hence, the look became cleaner, overusing the white, and reduced the use of blue. There will even be a dark mode, that you can check below within the Facebook Watch interface and not only that even the profile page has been updated with a a lot of streamlined look.

Your Facebook Just Got A New Design

While on the mobile apps will decrease the use of blue, yes, the colour is present on the Facebook logo and also the icons on the top bar only. Meanwhile, many areas of the interface currently become white.

Your Facebook Just Got A New Design

Initially, the USA and Canada can simply receive this new redesign in iOS and android, whereas the remainder of the other countries will receive this new design soon. Moreover, the new Facebook for the web are going to be released only in a few months and can reach gradually to all users globally.

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