Instagram Introduces Quiz Stickers

Instagram has currently introduced a new Quiz sticker that lets its users ask multiple-choice questions. just like the polls sticker, the quiz sticker can be used just for Instagram stories.

Download Free Instagram Introduces Quiz Stickers

The related 30-second video explains that the new feature is within the Sticker tray labelled Quiz that lets users ask one question. The sticker can be used on stories with static pictures or videos, and include between 2 and 4 possible answers. choose the right answer and share it to your story.

Download Free Instagram Introduces Quiz Stickers

When other users interact with the quiz sticker you can see their answers within the story viewers list.

Why Use Quiz Stickers ?

The greatest advantage of using quiz stickers, or the other interactive sticker, is that the engagement.

When a user interacts with one in all your stories it sends signals to Instagram’s algorithm. Those signals might then be used to rank your stories higher within the user’s story carousel.

Getting users to not simply read your content, however act with it also, is key to reaching a bigger percentage of your followers.

Quiz stickers may be used to help your audience get to understand you and your business. Asking questions specifically associated with your business can educate your followers, and help you discover who your biggest fans are.

How To Use Instagram Quiz stickers :-

  • After clicking photos or videos, you can head to the sticker tray and tap on the "Quiz sticker" placed right beside the counting sticker.
  • A blank example can appear on your screen wherever you may be needed to write down as many as four questions of your choice and fill within the correct answer.
  • Moreover, you can additionally customise the colour of the Quiz example and so share it on your Instagram story among your followers and friends.
  • You can any see the viewers list and see what your followers are answering.
  • The answers stay with the user even once the Instagram story has expired.
  • Instagram has been making an attempt to include a number of latest features on its popular social networking website. Recently it had introduced a special sticker for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections and currently it is planning to hide the "Like" count on the pictures of the users.

Download Free Instagram Introduces Quiz Stickers

The feature has already started rolling out on users’ apps worldwide, and will be available on both iOS and Android versions of the social media platform.

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