Google Wants To Quiz You On Phishing Emails

Identifying a phishing email is not as simple as you would possibly assume. In fact, countless people fall for fake emails asking them to reset their Microsoft Outlook password, renew their TV license, or sign into their Apple account, every day.

Phishing scams area unit a true problem, and therefore the range of phishing emails sent every year has been on the increase recently. to assist prevent the success of phishing scammers, Google currently includes a quick, fun quiz anyone will desire take a look at their skills at detective work once an email is well fishy.

Google Wants To Quiz You On Phishing Emails

Phishing – wherever an attacker persuades their victim to click a link and enter details or transfer malware – is turning into more and more sophisticated. Criminals can scour social media profiles for clues about a person and use these to perform targeted attacks.

Google Jigsaw unit published a quiz that tests users talents to identify phishing emails. The quiz tests you on a series of emails to ascertain if you can distinguish tell-tale signs of phishing.

Google Wants To Quiz You On Phishing Emails

The best protection against phishing is two-factor, if enabled it stops attackers getting into 2 account though the attackers gains access to the login credentials and therefore the second best method is to identify the phishing email at earliest.

Interestingly, these are based on real world attacks, so are ready to extremely take a look at your talents to identify phishing makes an attempt within the wild. Interested? you can take the phishing quiz here .

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