Gas Stations Hacked - Cyber Criminals Stole Over 120,000 Litres of Fuel

French Authorities arrested 5 men hacking group who stole over 120,000 Litres of fuels from French gas stations.

The five-man team operated with the assistance of a special remote they bought on-line and that may unlock a specific brand of gas pumps installed at Total gas stations.

The hack was done through a distant management that they bought on the internet, the attackers compromise the fuel stations by passing a manual code and empty the tanks. The attackers managed to unlock the pumps that have default security code 0000 for the service stations. Criminals execute the attack on a partnership basis, they use to go to the fuel stations in multiple vehicles.

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Man in 1st vehicle use to unlock the Fuel stations with the remote by passing a manual code and so the second man comes in a very van with the tanker that store 2,000 litres.

By using this technique attackers will steal around 2,000 to 3,000 litres of fuel in at one time. They use to focus on the small isolated gas stations at midnight hours. when they stole many fuel and diesel.

The group suspected of stealing over € 150,000 worth of fuel in keeping with the report and that they marketing the fuel in Val-d’Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis at a less expensive worth.

Authorities arrested the 5 men group aged thirties and forties, they were stolen 120,000 litters of that worth € 150,000.

Russian Authorities uncovered surreptitious malware put in on dozens of gas stations that permit customers into paying over the Fuel pumped-up into their car tank.

France has one amongst the very best fuel worth levels within the EU. The Yellow Vests movement and later protests that area unit still ravaging French cities started once an increase in fuel costs last November.

The scheme also became popular in the us. Last July, Detroit police reported similar incidents wherever thieves would use a distant device to unlock gas stations and create off with huge quantities of fuel.

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