Is Momo Hacking Into Peppa Pig Videos on YouTube

The concern regarding the rise of the dangerous Momo Challenge has arose again recently when parents suddenly became concerned that videos of the Peppa Pig on YouTube had been hacked.

Parents complained that the Momo challenge videos had been inserted between Peppa Pig cartoons along with videos of popular battle royale game Fortnite. This became a viral WhatsApp message which read, "Dear parents if your kids watches ((you tube )) pepa pig or any other videos plz be careful as sometimes the (momo) character is appearing in the middle of the show and its asking the kids to do bad things."

This became a point on contention as Peppa Pig as well as Fortnite gameplay videos are watched by children. However it seems that none of the official YouTube channels have been compromised when it comes to the videos and these videos are the works of individuals who uploaded these edited videos and inserted clips asking children to do dangerous tasks or pranks which involve deadly things. Some of these videos threaten children with death if they dont listen to what the character says.

Is Momo hacking into peppa pig videos on youtube

YouTube has issued a statement on the situation where it claims that no harmful videos with Momo content in them are present. And the only ones that are allowed on YouTube right now are the ones that raise awareness of the issue. But reports claim that despite YouTube claim that there are no more harmful Momo videos on the platform, it can still be found when certain keywords are searched for. It remains to be seen how YouTube deals with this situation.

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