Epic Games Has Removed the Baller From Fortnite (For Now)

The Baller has been temporarily disabled in Fortnite. Heres why.

Epic games tweeted today that they temporarily removed the Baller vehicle from Fortnite. All they cited was a "stability issue" in their tweet, but its probably related to a death glitch that some players have encountered.

The bug seems to have started springing up yesterday. Players would leave a Baller on flat ground, only to die to fall damage when they exited the vehicle. No one other than Epic Games knows what was causing the bug you can see in action through the Reddit post below.

Epic Games Has Removed the Baller From Fortnite

Although Epic never addressed the bug by name, its safe to assume its the reason the Baller has been removed.

We will likely hear more news on the Ballers return in the next few hours or days. Although its likely that the Baller will be coming back, a lot of players prefer the game without the newest vehicle.

The competitive community has been particularly critical of the Baller since it was released. Bouncing around the final few circles with the baller is a lot easier than using materials to rotate, meaning its nearly a must-have item when youre in a competitive late-game.

Epic might be tweaking the Baller to prevent bugs at the moment, but I cant imagine it will stay in the game long-term without some alterations. Right now, theres no punishment for bouncing around in a Baller while other players fight it out around you.

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