How To Know If My WhatsApp Is Hacked ?

As we know WhatsApp messenger is the most popular messaging app for both Smartphone and PC. Millions of users are using this app daily for online conversations. This also means there is a huge number of hacking attempts going on every day. Everyone is thinking that how to secure my Whatsapp chats.

Now we are going to share with you some valuable methods. By using these methods you can protect your WhatsApp account easily. If you are thinking that can Whatsapp be hacked remotely or can Whatsapp be hacked on Android or can Whatsapp be hacked on iphone, then after reading my methods you can make sure that your Whatsapp can be safe and secure.

Method #1 -WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp web is new feature of Whatsapp and this feature helps you to access your Whatsapp account on your computer. You have to scan the QR code from the mobile, then you can easily access your Whatsapp account on your computer in real-time.

Also you can access your whatsapp account on other mobile by using this app called "Whatscan For WhatsApp Web". This app helps you to access your whatsapp account on multiple smartphones, you have to just scan the QR code from the main whatsapp account.


Check your Whatsapp Web log from your main whatsapp account. If you found any unauthorized device there, then just delete all those unauthorized devices from Whatsapp Web. By deleting all devices, you can protect yourself from this Whatsapp hacked.

Method #2 – Extract Messages From My files

Hackers use this technique to copy your whatsapp messages from your device and email to another email id. They can easily read your all whatsapp messages by copying some files from Whatsapp folder.


Use App Locker in your WhatsApp and phone. Using app locker you can lock any app or phone. So when hacker will try to copy those stored files from My Files, he/she has to first unlock your phone which is already locked by you.

Method #3 – Spy Apps

There are apps when installed in your phone can spy each and every activity of you. Using spy apps anyone can easily hack your phone not only accessing WhatsApp but also many other apps, photos, videos, files stored in your mobile.


Always check if there is any unknown app is stored on your phone or not.

After reading the above methods, now you have some idea that how can be hacked.

WhatsApp now enables Two-Step verification feature. Whatsapp is very popular as we know but it is also true that hackers are also trying to get weak point every day. So you have to be more aware while using Whatsapp.

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