Approx 2000 Sql Injection Attack In One Week On Our Website !!

SQL Injection is considered as one of the most common attacks as it can bring serious and harmful consequences to your system and sensitive data.

SQL Injection can be considered as one of most serious attacks, as it influences the database and can make serious damage to your data and the whole system.

For sure it can have more serious consequences than a Javascript Injection or HTML Injection, as both of them are performed on the client side.

It should be mentioned, that to test against this attack, you should have quite good knowledge of SQL programming language and in general, you should know how databases queries are working.

Also while performing this injection attack you should be more careful and observant, as any inaccuracy can be left as SQL vulnerabilities.

If this attack is possible for a system, then appropriate malicious SQL code will be sent and harmful actions may be performed in the database.

Each and every field of a website is like a gate to the database. Any data or input that we usually enter in any field of the system or website goes to the database query.

Therefore, instead of correct data, if we would type any malicious code, then it may be executed in the database query and bring harmful consequences.

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