Automatic Pentest Tool Installer For Kali Linux

Automatic Pentest Tools Installer A Simple tool for installing pentest tools and forensic tools on Debian / Ubuntu Based OS.


  • Automated penetration testing tools have robust, high-quality exploits that are tested and proven; the tools are also frequently augmented with additional exploits.
  • They provide replicable processes that ensure consistent results.
  • One can focus on the process rather than having to experiment with exploits, thus saving time. Further, the professional framework reduces the chances of testing false exploits over a particular application.
  • Reports are automatically produced and are customizable.

List of tools

  • Nmap [Network Scanner]
  • Zenmap [Nmap Gui version]
  • Wireshark [Network Sniffer]
  • W3af [Web Vulnerability Scanner]
  • Nikto [Web Vulnerability Scanner]
  • Whatweb [Web Vulnerability Scanner]
  • John [Password Cracker]
  • PDF-Crack [PDF Password Cracker]
  • FCrackZip [ZIP Password Cracker]
  • Ophcrack [Password Cracker]
  • Volatility [Digital Forensic]
  • Digital Forensic Framework [Digital Forensic]
  • GHex [Digital Forensic]
  • Aircrack-Ng [Wifi Audit]
  • Ettercap [Network Audit]
  • Yersinia [Network Audit]
  • Packet Sniffer / Spoofing [Network Audit]
  • Wafw00f [Web Application Firewall Audit]
  • SSLyze [SSL Audit]
  • Droopescan [Wordpress, Joomla, And Other CMS Auditing]
  • SQLMap [Automate SQL Injection Audit]
  • SSLScan [SSL Audit]
  • Hydra [Password Cracker]
  • Dmitry [Intelligence Gathering]
  • HAVP [HTTP Anti Virus Proxy]
  • krdc [Windows Remote Desktop Connection client]
  • Medusa [Password Cracker]

Lets Start with Automatic Pentest Tool Installer

Step 1 :-You need to download Automatic Pentest Tool Installer tool by executing this command in terminal window of kali linux

git clone

Automatic Pentest Tool Installer For Kali Linux

Step 2 :- And execute this command cd Pentest-Tools-Auto-Installer

Now to install this tool in kali linux, to install this tool first we have to give chmod permision. Type the command for this chmod +x and press enter button.

Now you can run this tool easily, that give this command ./ and press enter button.

Automatic Pentest Tool Installer For Kali Linux

Step 3 :-This Tools is using repository in Debian based linux 100% work Tested in Linux Mint.

Automatic Pentest Tool Installer For Kali Linux

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