Set New Password of Windows PC Remotely using Metasploit

Metasploit Framework (MSF) is one of the most widely used tools for penetration testing, providing powerful attack simulations, security assessment management, and more.

Meterpreter is an advanced, dynamically extensible payload that uses in-memory DLL injection stagers and is extended over the network at runtime.

If you do not have administrator access to the computer you will not be able to change the password. If the Administrator Privilege code detects that it is running on a Windows 7 with UAC disabled and it is running as local admin it will run getsystem and it will use the read registry method.

When we use Administrator Privilege command on CMD it will return an error "access denied".

BypassUAC exploit that allows you to bypass Windows UAC in Windows Vista and Windows 7 both on x86 and x64 operating systems. This issue has still not been patched to-date and can still be exploited on the most recent operating systems.

To get system level or admin privilege we have to execute it as admin which is monitored my windows UAC.

It assumes that you already have MetaSploit installed, or that you are running Kali / backtrack Linux. if not Installed,you can download from here

Lets Start Set New Password of Windows PC Remotely using Metasploit

Step 1 : Firtly get meterpreter of victim PC and a get a admim privilege of vitim pc using bypassuac

How To Bypass UAC And Get Admin Privilege in Windows Using MetaSploit.

Step 2 : We now have a full Meterpreter shell to the target.Now the session has opened type sysinfo to get system information

How To Set New Password of Windows PC Remotely using Metasploit in kali linux

Step 3 : Type command Net Users to see the user accounts of Windows.

How To Set New Password of Windows PC Remotely using Metasploit in kali linux

Step 4 : Find the name of the account you wish to edit. If youre changing your own account password, it will be below the "Administrator" heading on the left side of the Command Prompt window; otherwise, the name will likely be beneath the "Guest" heading on the right.

Type net user [name] * into Command Prompt. You will replace [name] with the name of the account for which you wish to change the password. When you type in the account name, you must do so exactly as it appears in the account name section of Command Prompt.

How To Set New Password of Windows PC Remotely using Metasploit in kali linux

Note :- When you Asterik(*) then type a new password and re-type to change the current password. And in the above screenshot i have set 123 password of victim window PC.

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