Why "C" is the default drive on your computer

Quite a while back it was hard to have a PC. Working with a PC was this sort of fancy no one could possibly buy. Be that as it may, in this day and age the measure of PCs proprietors are expanded definitely than it was suspected by the makers.

whats more, have you looked at ? its the most pivotal machine nowadays. At this moment of Tech world, its not astonishing in the event that anyone says that PC is the focal component of a human. Despite the fact that you might use the pc for a few days, in all likelihood there would be a considerable measure of things that have been new to you. In the event that you work with the PC for a long time, then recorded here is a sympathy toward you

Answer why "C" is the default drive on your computer

Hard disk drives turned into standard since 1982.Earlier hard disk drives,Floppy disk drives were utilized as the storage devices. Floppy disk drives were the first storage devices. They came to existence since 1960s. Floppy disks was available in two sizes 5 1/4 " and 3 1/2". Those two floppy disk drives were labelled as Local Disk (A) and Local Disk (B). After the innovation of Hard disk, floppy disk of size 8 inch was introduced. Currently Floppy disk drives and Floppy disk drives changed the floppy disks.

That’s why at the rear of the labelling of hard drives. Consequently, drives besides default drive (C) labelled as D, E etc. DVD drive and USB drive are labelled as F, G and so forth.

Still "C" drive is available as the standard, you are able to change it to A or B if youve got the administrative rights.

Now you know Why is C the Default Hard Drive Of Your Computer!

If you attach too many drives and all letters till Z are assigned, then if there is no more drive letter is free to assign, then whatever next drive you connect it won’t be shown in Windows OS.

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