Determining Your Window Computer Is Infected By A Virus Or Malware

If you preceived a popup/message calling a virus was detected on your computer, or it just looks slow and unreliable,here you will want to scan for virus/malware on your computer and remove any you find.

Because there are many viruses/worms and other types of malwares are designed simply to cause chaos, more and more malware is created by organized crime to steal credit card numbers and your personal details, online banking credentials, and other sensitive data.So How to prevent and Determining Your Window computer is infected by a virus or malware.

Here Is The Steps To Determining Your Window computer is infected by a virus or malware

Steps To Determining Your Window Computer Is Infected By A Virus Or Malware

Hint 1 : If Your Computer is really slow.

Hint 2 : If Nothing response when you click on an icon and or your software applications do not work correctly anymore.

Hint 3 : The systems reboots,freezes up , or crashes for no reason.

Step 4 : Your antivirus security program and or firewall is suddenly disabled.

Hint 5 : You cannt access your disk drives or hard drive.

Step 6 : you are suddenly unable to print.

Hint 7 : you start seeing strange pop-up windows starting you have a virus or that your computer is infected (the name of the virus program/scanner is something you have not heared of and you cant seem to close the window.)

Step 8 : you start seeing pop-up advertisement windows at unexpected(random )times in your chrome or firefox browser or any.

Hint 9 : you have major problem to trying to install or download an antivirus software or any other software.

Step 10 : You seem to have suddenly lost the icons on the desktop and or all other programs files in your computer.

Note : -If you want to secure your PC from Virus and Malware, make sure you installed good Antivirus Software in your Window PC from Official Website of Antivirus.

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