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Welcome to Tech and Tricks - A Website that publishes practical and useful articles for Newbies who want to learn something new and want to solve their problems.

Founded in July 2016 in Delhi, India, by Akash Chugh, We are offering free technical support and information to everyone.

Today, TechTrick continues to provide free support and online services that allow any user to learn more about their Hacking,Security,Penetration Testing,Facebook,Whatsapp,computer,Android,Hacking Stuff and find technical assistance. Some of the services we offer include free help information,Hacking Stuff,Hacking Videos,Programming Courses,Guest Posting, computer problems, contact information,hacking Information, and a community of experienced volunteers.

The main topics of this blog :-

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Penetration Testing
  • Metasploit
  • Kali Linux
  • Hacking Stuff/Material
  • Programming
  • TechTrick News
  • Computer Tricks
  • Facebook Tricks
  • Whatsapp Tricks
  • Android
  • Internet

Our Vision

We hope to make TechTricks the number one destination for Ethical Hacking,Penetration Testing,Metasploit,Hacking Stuff and Computer support while also helping everyone get the most from their computer/Laptop.

Website Goals

  • Rewrite old posts.
  • Complete new mailing system and improve overall quality of how e-mail is answered.
  • Continue the overall development of the site.
  • Develop a better system of creating content.

For Businesses

As we have mentioned blog this a technology blog and widely read by tech users which can be potential customers. We allows advertisement and sponsorship on TechTrick.

Your Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us. Your feedback will help us to serve you better and provide you new information in much easy. This will help us to grow and expand. You can also provide us suggestions, we will be glad to hear you out.

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If you like our work, content, and products which are provided on TechTrick. You can also tip us so that we can make this better and expand our services.

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we continue to make Computer Hope the best free service on the Internet.

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All the tricks and tips that TechTrick provides only for educational purpose. If you choose to use the information in TechTrick to break into computer systems maliciously and without authorization, you are on your own. Neither I (TechTrick Admin) nor anyone else associated with TechTrick shall be liable. We are not responsibe for any issues that caused due to informations provided here. So, Try yourself and see the results. You are not losing anything by trying... We are humans, Mistakes are quite natural. Here on TechTrick also have many mistakes..