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Understanding Steganography Technologies

Steganography is the process of hiding data in other types of data such as images or text files. The most popular method of hiding data in files is to utilize graphic images as hiding places. Attackers can embed any information in a graphic file using steganography. The hacker can hide directions on making a bomb, a secret bank account number, or answers to a test. Any text imaginable can be hidden in an image. In Exercise you will use Image Hide to hide text within an image.

To hide data in an image using ImageHide:

  • Download and install the ImageHide program Download HereImage File
  • Add an image in the Image Hide program
  • Add text in the field at the bottom of the ImageHide screen
  • Hide the text within the image using ImageHide

It is the art of hiding data or message in another file invisible to a targeted mass of people. Mostly people have a wrong concept that steganography is related to images only i.e. hiding messages in images only but actually that is not the case it can be done in other file formats also .We can also hide .RAR file in .DOCX formats etc.

Here is a Noob Friendly tutorial on Steganography that explains how to hide exe within the Jpeg

  • Save the picture of choice to your desktop.
  • Make a new .rar or .zip folder on your desktop.
  • Add the files you want to hide into the .zip or .rar
  • Click start menu, run, cmd.
  • In Command Prompt type cd “desktop” with the quotation marks..
  • Now type in
  • copy /b picturename.jpg + foldername.rar outputfilename.jpg
  • If you use .zip then: copy /b picturename.jpg + outputfilename.jpg)
  • Now there should be the outputed file name with a .jpg extension on the desktop. ( Do not close Command Prompt just yet )
  • Double click it to open the picture and check it out.
  • When your done looking, and want to view the hidden files
  • Type: ren outputfilename.jpg outputfilename.rar or zip on command Prompt

Understanding Steganography Technologies

Hacking Tools

  • ImageHide is a steganography program that hides large amounts of text in images. Even after adding bytes of data, there is no increase in the image size. The image looks the same in a normal graphics program. It loads and saves to files and therefore is able to bypass most email sniffers.
  • Blindside is a steganography application that hides information inside BMP (bitmap) images. Its a command-line utility.
  • MP3Stego hides information in MP3 files during the compression process. The data is compressed, encrypted, and then hidden in the MP3 bitstream.
  • Snow is a whitespace steganography program that conceals messages in ASCII text by appending whitespace to the end of lines. Because spaces and tabs generally arent visible in text viewers, the message is effectively hidden from casual observers. If the built-in encryption is used, the message cant be read even if its detected.
  • CameraShy works with Windows and Internet Explorer and lets users share censored or sensitive information stored in an ordinary GIF image. Stealth is a filtering tool for PGP files. It strips off identifying information from the header, after which the file can be used for steganography.

How to Hide File Inside an Image.

Password guessing is hard work. Why not just sniff credentials off the wire as users log in to a server and then replay them to gain access?

Before begin, I have one secret file named : workers-salary.pdf, I do not want other people know about this file and also a picture named : apple.jpg. All of that files I put on my personal folder named pictures.

  • Open your command prompt
  • Go to your pictures folder (see the tutorial how to navigate using command prompt
  • Compress your secret file (workers-salary.pdf) using WinRar, 7Zip, etc
  • Now in your picture folder you already have new file named : workers-salary.rar.
  • Next step we will use the command prompt to join this two file.
  • copy /b [the_image] + [rar_file_to_hide] [image_result_name]
  • e.g : copy /b apple.jpg + workers-salary.rar v4l.jpg
  • Oops I’m forgot to describe how to view the content. Actually there’s two steps you can do to view the content.
  • change the file extension from v4l.jpg to v4l.rar and just open using your WinRar application and your file is there.
  • right click v4l.jpg and choose open with WinRar and your secret file is there.
  • Hope its useful !

Hacking Tool: Auditpol

  • Auditpol is a tool included in the Windows NT Resource Kit for system administrators. This tool can disable or enable auditing from the Windows command line. It can also be used to determine the level of logging implemented by a system administrator.

Hacking Tool: elsave.exe

  • 1.The elsave.exe utility is a simple tool for clearing the event log. It’s command line based.

Hacking Tools : WinZapper

WinZapper is a tool that an attacker can use to erase event records selectively from the security log in Windows 2000. WinZapper also ensures that no security events are logged while the program is running.

Steganography Online Tools:-


1. S Tools

S-Tools hides in a variety of cover media. This software is a good illustration of different versions hiding in different media. These versions cover hiding in BMP, GIF, WAV, and even on unused floppy disk space.



which hides text files within larger text files, and lastly a tool that hides files in MP3s called MP3 Stego


3.Hermetic Stego

by Peter Meyer, Hermetic Systems This program is capable of hiding in a BMP image or across multiple BMP images.



DOS hides information in the DCT coefficients of JPEGs JFIF image format.



Snow (also variants include !SnowDOS, SnowJava, JSnow By Matthew Kwan is available in both DOS and JAVA executable formats. "snow exploits the steganographic nature of whitespace. Locating trailing whitespace in text is like finding a polar bear in a snowstorm. And it uses the ICE encryption algorithm, so the name is thematically consistent.



Source code is aviailable and several ports are available for different operating systems. IMAGES: (BMP) AUDIO: (WAV, AU )

Download :-


wbStego is a steganography to hide data in bitmaps, text files and HTML files.


I hope you enjoyed this article.

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