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I am Founder & Admin of TechTrick from Delhi(India). I love to write article on technology and very passionate about blogging and his area of interests are intract with new technology,Web Designing and keenness to learn Ethical tricks as well. Apart from blogging i love to do programming and study about Latest Technology.

I was started on 21 July 2016 by Akash Chugh.The main purpose of starting this Website is to help people for getting relevant and right information.TechTrick mainly focus on Tricks and Tips related to Ethical tricks,Internet Tricks,WhatsApp Tricks,Basic Compute Tricks and Facebook Tricks.Our main aim is to share and provide the Ethical knowledge with our readers.

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when,I did not know about computers.I have just started getting into this.They people come in my life and helped me a alot. They have also changed the way that was I think about myself.I was able to obtain a higher self esteem and a higher opinion of myself.I am able to look into the mirror and for one of the first times ever, be proud of the person that I am.They are believed in me, and that's all that I really needed. I will never forget all that you have done for me. I will never forget your presence, your existence, or your memory and your inspiration. I will never forget all that you have taught me, my key skill.I will never forget you.

And Most Beautiful Person in My Life

Thanks To All Of You,to come in my life and teach me alot!

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All the tricks and tips that TechTrick provides only for educational purpose. If you choose to use the information in TechTrick to break into computer systems maliciously and without authorization, you are on your own. Neither I (TechTrick Admin) nor anyone else associated with TechTrick shall be liable. We are not responsibe for any issues that caused due to informations provided here. So, Try yourself and see the results. You are not losing anything by trying... We are humans, Mistakes are quite natural. Here on TechTrick also have many mistakes..

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Akash is the Founder & Admin of TechTrick. TechTrick is a network for technology geeks. It is Arena of latest Computer tricks,facebook tricks,Whats App tricks,Best recharge tricks,Internet tricks and Techtrick News.Our aim is to provide the latest and quality tricks and How To guides to Our beloved users.If you are facing any problem in the any Post provided on Techtrick then just leave the comment in the comment Box.It will be my pleasure to help you...

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